Handover of the presidency at LIBA in Liechtenstein

After many years of passionate and devoted service as honorary president of the Liechtenstein Insurance Brokers Association (LIBA), the time has come to pass on the momentum to the new team. Heinz Felder has a great personality, is very well integrated in the Ländle and has a high level of expertise, which he made available to the LIBA unconditionally and unselfishly at all times. He leaves big footprints. The LIBA would like to thank Heinz Felder for his untiring commitment to the LIBA over the past 11 years.

The Board of Directors is now composed as follows and will continue to act on an honorary basis: President: Daniel Koller (1291Group Europe AG); Vice-President: Thomas Loppacher (Schreiber Maron Sprenger AG); Michael Kloos (Kessler & Co AG); Andy Bircher (Funk Insurance Brokers AG).

The LIBA with a total of 7 members also consists of the following 3 companies: accurART Kunstversicherungsmakler (Europe) AG; Gatsby & White (Liechtenstein) AG and Swisscare Europe Ltd.

The LIBA has recently voted to launch a new website to modernize its image. Furthermore, the LIBA will launch an image campaign in Q1 2022 and strengthen the social media area in order to “dust off” the importance of the broker profession a bit and to realize the significance for competitive products and reasonable prices for the end customers. In regulatory terms, many efforts are geared towards increased customer protection, which is why the broker profession is of elementary importance as a mouthpiece for end customers, not least in order to let competition play out in the insurance landscape.

The new president wishes that the density of regulations will be reduced a little bit and that unnecessary, cost-intensive, theoretical exercises – carried out at the expense of the end customers – will settle down again in a reasonable way. As a short-term goal of the LIBA it is agreed to gain additional competences through new members in the LIBA.